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Are you looking for a good skived heatsink supplier?

European production of your prototypes, your series production of skived heat sinks!

When standard heat sinks are not anymore sufficient or if the space you have available is small, we can help you with a super high efficient skived heat sink on demand. With your drawings we can check if our technology is suitable for your application and we can also produce your prototype and even your mass production heat sinks.

What Can today be produced on a fin skiving machine?

Skiving is a process in which the cooling fins are carved from a single aluminum or copper block, with no interruption in the connection between the fins and the heat sink. This produces high-density heat sinks with very fine and high fins that are directly connected with the heat sink base. The process also ensures high specific power density.

Our new range of skiving machine now allows you to manufacture high-performance heat sinks with even higher and finer fins, while reducing the distance between the single fins.

The following maximum parameters for copper or aluminum heat sinks can be achieved with the machine:


  • Fin thickness: Al: 0.1 – 2.0 mm; Cu: 008 mm – 2.0 mm

  • Length of heat sink: Al and Cu: 10 mm – 3000 mm

  • Width of heat sink: Al and Cu: 10 mm – 900 mm

  • Fin height: Al and Cu: 1 mm – 180 mm

  • Distance between fin centers: Al: 0.2 –12 mm; Cu: 0.16 mm – 12 mm.


The new dimensions represent a substantial improvement over previous capabilities. If required, skived fin heat sinks can also be CNC machined to improve the flow path through different fin orientations, therefore fulfilling more stringent cooling requirements.

Skived heat Sinks on demand from europe! Soon available!

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Skived heat sinks on demand!