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Markets using High-Tech heat sinks


Large solar installations needing inverters of 500 Megawatts and larger typically are liquid cooled. Our machines can produce cold plates designed specifically for high power solar inverters. 

With our CNC Controls, every fin combination can be very easily programmed and like this can every cold plate be customized to adjust for different inlet/outlet fittings, number of IGBTs, corrosion resistant coatings and double sided cooling.

Result is that cold plates produced with our technology are the most affordable and the best power electronics cold plates on the market today.

Traction Drives

Traction converters for high speed rail are increasingly needing cooling. 

Our fin skived heat sinks are the most affordable power electronics cooling plates on the market today


With the size of current wind turbines (up to 8 Megawatts and more) most need cooled inverters either up in the nacelle or in the base of the tower. Our fin skiving Machines can produce for you the perfect high performance heat sinks.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Market

Hybrid and electric vehicles typically require high performant cooling of the power electronics in the inverter, battery, onboard charger, DC-DC converter and electric motor.  We supply the machines to produce all types of high performant cooling heat sinks.  The power electronics most commonly used in the inverter are Insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs).  In most applications the IGBTs switch the DC power from the batteries into 3 phase AC power to drive the vehicle’s electric motor.  In normal operation thousands of watts of heat can be generated from the IGBT’s in the inverter. High performance cooling is required to keep the IGBTs from overheating and ultimately failing.  Better cooling means more power and efficiency for the vehicle.

Data Center & CPU

Data center and CPU manufacturers need thermal efficiency and reliable high performance cooling technology.  The information technology industry is focusing on energy-efficient water cooling designs. Read Science Magazine‘s article. 

Our skived fin technology can be used to create cold plates, 2 phase evaporators, and thermosyphons perfect for today’s high power computing needs.