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High Performance Base Plates

Base Plate Products

High-power modules require excellent thermal performance and dependability, therefore adequate cooling is critical for reliable operation. We offer machines to produce high performance base plates,  with technology for excellent thermal dissipation for high power electronic components. With our machinery you can produce:

  • IGBT base plates
  • Standard and Custom base plates
  • CLAD base plates

IGBT Base Plates

IGBT (Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistors) high performance base plates for the power electronics industry. These base plates offer the most efficient heat transfer available today.  Our machines can produce IGBT base plates with the lowest pressure drop in the industry without compromising thermal conductivity.

Standard and Custom Base Plates

If you are building your own cold plate and you would like to look at our technology of skiving used to produce the finest finned surfaces on a base plate, check our standard fin skiving CNC machines. This fin pattern for base plates can be customized for your specific application by our CNC without any problem or extra cost!

  • Aluminum Standard Base Plates

  • Copper Standard Base Plates