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Super High-Tech split cooling CPU heatsink

Fin skiving technology of 60µm fin thickness

Skived-Fin heat sinks are always used as CPU coolers in high performant server systems

Electronic systems with heights of less than 30 mm, especially industrial computers with particularly small housings (small form factor systems), place high demands on the specific power density of a heat sink. Typical and optimal cooling solutions for this application are the so-called skived fin heat sinks which our can produce. The cooling fins are scraped out of an aluminium or copper block. This special manufacturing technique allows particularly fine ribs and a high rib density. In addition, with this manufacturing method, the individual lamellas are seamlessly connected to the heat sink base - without the thermal resistance that inevitably occurs with soldered, glued or pressed connections. And since the tool costs are comparatively low, this process is also suitable for series with small quantities. Due to their high cooling effect, Skived-Fin heat sinks are usually used as CPU coolers in server systems, especially in the form of an active cooling solution in combination with system fans that ensure a forced air flow.

CPU Cooler


PC Cooling is an essential part of keeping your computer in the best possible shape.  A huge range of CPU cooling gear is availab le on the market today so that your PC can perform at its best, no matter how much pressure it is under. Whether you have a monster machine that is built for high-intensity gaming for long periods at a time, or handle demanding tasks like design and video, you are sure to find a skived fin cooling product to suit your needs. From quality fans that are quiet but effective, to liquid coolers that make use of water or coolants to keep your computer's engine running, our machines produce it all with skived fins. 

Evolution in the CPU cooling fin thickness

Skiving CPU fins of 60µm is possible today

Top technology in CPU-Cooling

Micron skiving of heat fins

Skived Fin cpu cooler with forced cooling

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