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Swaged Fin Heat Sinks

Swaged Heat Sinks

Swaged Heat Sinks are made by a swaging manufacturing process, which is a cousin to the forging process. The swaging process involves forming the metal to a die. Swaged heat sinks generally are very good performers and good for high power applications, that is, power supplies, and other such equipment power equipment. Swaged heat sinks tend to be bulky with a limited ability to manage air flow.

Swaged fins

Swaged fins are a good high power solution for either natural or forced convection. Individual straight fins are cut and bonded into a grooved base plate by swaging. The fins are usually thicker than you would find on a zipper/skived or folded fin. Aluminum and copper fins can be combined on the same heat sink to provide improved performance without all of the weight gain. If weight is especially important, graphite fins can also be used, but they are more delicate so extra care must be taken. 

Swaged fin heat sinks are generally geared towards physically large applications that require moderate performance. Swaged fin heat sinks are made by swaging (roll-pressing) or pressing individual fins of metal to a base. The bonding is be done by pressing and deformation. The main advantage to this type of heat sink is it can be used for large applications. The main drawback is manufacturing process isn’t automated on the scale of stamped, extruded, or folded fin heat sinks, resulting in a high cost for swaging fins.